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December 2009

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tiny house

angela_la_la in tiny_houses

Foolin' around this weekend on the computer yielded this tiny house design (well, small house really). I made it in Google SketchUp (which is free!). I welcome comments, although try not to judge too harshly--I'm not an architect, I just like to draw.

570 sq. ft. bilevel house


I like it! It's more modern than the ones from, say, Tumbleweed. I like the flexibility of the open downstairs and the under-stairs area. Though from experience, I suck at dealing with spaces without walls.
I've done a ton of reading recently on energy efficiency in homes--for work, too, at least tangentially while I work on client documents--and am even more unimpressed by the pure environmental shittiness of these huge, cavernous McMansions. However, I really thought about ventilation plans with this one. In winter the stone would radiate enough thermal energy to counteract the high ceiling, and in summer it would allow the heat to rise away from the living area. After dark you could open the side windows to let in some cooler air, especially upstairs. Or have some sort of whole-house fan. My dad always installs those where we live and they are pretty miraculous.

Open house plans are my nemesis, too. I just like designing them.
oh hai, you read my MIND!!! WHAT! That is very, very much like what I had in my head, only the room under the loft is a drum room in my version. when i am not exhausted and beered I will look at this more closely!