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Tiny Houses - Thinking about Living Small
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For people who are living in small spaces, tiny homes, little houses, or who just want to think it.
You might come here for any number of reasons. You like to think about interior design. You like to think about architecture. You have a very small home, or live in a small apartment or flat. You're looking for ideas and solutions. You want to fantasize about how you can make your life more simple. You want to build a vacation home of your own... the list goes on and on.

We welcome anyone who has any of these interests, or perhaps some we haven't thought of!

Only a few rules:

No abuse of community members or mods.
No spam.

There is probably some debate about what constitutes a "tiny" house. I think there is little question that anything over 1000 sq ft is no longer tiny or even small. But that's not a barrier to entry to this community - just a guideline when thinking about just how small a space a human can occupy.

Thanks for dropping by!